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WhizzFizzFest wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful contributions from the local community. Thank you to the fantastic schools who have shared creations with us for this year’s festival and to the local artists and musicians for sharing recorded performances to bring some music to the day!

If you are a business wanting to promote or sponsor the event – there’s plenty of opportunities to explore.

Thank you to all the schools

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Thank you to Broughton Infant School, Broughton Junior School, Turnfurlong Junior School, St Mary’s C of E and Winslow C of E.

broughton infant school
broughton junior school
turnfurlong junior school
winslow c of e
St Marys Church of England School logo

Get involved with our socials #WhizzFizzFest

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WhizzFizz Quest

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The much loved WhizzFizz Quest will be making its return this year!

2021 map coming soon.

Quest Map

Getting involved with the Online Content

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An Audience with Michael Morpurgo featured

Michael Morpurgo & Emily Gravett

Draw along, pens, pencils, paper and whatever else takes your imagination!

An Audience with Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer

Explore the incredible mind behind the global bestselling, fantasy-favourite Artemis Fowl and the blockbusting spin-off series The Fowl Twins.

An Audience with Dan Freedman

Dan Freedman

SCORE – listen to how Dan’s interviews with world class footballers inspired the Jamie Johnson series and his love of the wonderful game.

The story chef featured

Story Chef

Join the Story Chef as she cooks up a brand-new story and help decide key moments of the story in this exclusive interactive show


Authors, artists and musicians – if you’d like to get involved in making this year’s festival as whizztastic as possible please email the WhizzFizzFest team!

If you would like to be a part of this years WFF Young Artists Showcase please follow the link below!

Young Artists Showcase