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Buckinghamshire Council is committed to ensuring WhizzFizzFest 2021 is an inclusive event, readily accessible for the whole community.

Activities will be taking place in Aylesbury’s town centre, in;

Access Information

Subtitles and captions available on online videos

Entry to workshop venues is fully accessible

All activities and stalls in Kingsbury and The Exchange are fully accessible

WhizzFizzFest was awarded BuDS’ Fair4All status in 2019.

If you have any questions on accessibility at WhizzFizzFest 2021 please get in touch by emailing or 01296 585156

Festive Road featured

Market Square

  • WhizzFizz Market
  • Street entertainment & music


WhizzFizzFest Gallery

The Exchange

Granville Street Church

Please visit the church’s website for accessibility details regarding Granville Street Church and its grounds.
Granville Street Church Logo featured
WhizzFizzFest Gallery

Buckinghamshire County Museum

Please visit the museum’s website for accessibility details regarding Buckinghamshire County Museum and its grounds.